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A study concerning Wikipedia conducted in 2012 revealed that around 96% of the people trusted the brand with a Wikipedia page more than compared to the other brands that didn’t. Over the years Wikipedia has built strong trust among customers. People not only trust this source but the authenticity of the business is respected too. No doubt why it is the most reliable website on web. The website has contributions from proud 1 million people.

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Exposure is great! Millions of users update its content keeping it as valuable as ever. Trusted by millions, this informational website has been ranked as 7th most visited website globally. The websites host around 4 million articles in English alone and 13 million in other languages. Each year records around 684 million page views. Thus, when you create your page with Wikipedia, the popularity of the website serves you well in fetching you the desired exposure.

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The confidence with which we claim in creating high quality Wikipedia pages is fuelled by the expert authors of our team. Our authors are experienced in the field in of Wikipedia content writing. Put forward your content requirements and needs, our experts tailor it for you. Planted with quality and watered with constant reviews and monitoring, your brand achieves new levels of attention.

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Since 2009, DigitalExpertUSA has helped over 2,100 businesses achieve success. We’re a NY-based company focused on online business marketing, content creation and editing solutions, brand identity and PR management. With WikiExpertUSA we have helped marketers and business owners achieve their goals in most domains and industries.

WikiExpertUSA complies with Wikipedia's CoI Guideline. We never try and influence independent Wikipedia editor's community. We also comply with the site's Terms of Use regarding more and more fresh and relvant content. We also make an annual donation organizations that support a free and open internet (including Wikimedia Foundation)

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We had a very successful retail store, with a goal to continue to grow. After working with DigitalExpertUSA, we implemented the online marketing plan and almost doubled our walk-in! Their lead generation program helped the company to propel growth in sales and revenue. With PR plan we became notable in our target area.

Joe Doe
Marketing Director at TheGroceryStore

We were introduced to DigitalExpertUSA. They gave us a clear understanding of the importance of online marketing and helped us modernize our website, rebrand our business, utilize social media and search engines to fullest potential. Our biggest success is the Wikipedia page which drives almost half of the traffic to our website.

J Richard
Marketing Director

We came away with a much better idea of how to grow & sustain our business long term, not just how to get through next week. We also came away with a unique, well rounded, marketing plan tailored to our specific needs & business. Today we trust DigitalExpertUSA for all our online and offline marketing requirements.

Dr. Alan Thomasky.
Plastic Surgeon at BeautyNyou

I have gone from a single 2,000-square-foot office to an 8,000-square-foot facility with my own printing machine, complete creative lab and a full fabrication facility. I am now able to do business on my terms, in the way I’ve always wanted to do business. DatabaseExpert has helped me with 100% accurate target database.

MJ Thomas
Partner at MarkOMedia

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Leading the way for your continued marketing success. Marketers and owners from all industries and domains use our information services and products to help them with their marketing and business success. Quality products, talented people, robust markets – these are the elements of a successful company.

Just as DigitalExpertUSA specializes in growing, empowering and guiding business, our talented online marketing management team are here to grow, empower and guide DigitalExpertUSA in a dynamic environment that adapts to the needs of our clients.

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