Established in the year 2015, Janadhar India specializes in a plethora of services like election research, election campaign, political pr and media, campaign management, election material, poll worker management, election management software, innovative digital solutions, LED vans, public rallies, vendor management, voter outreach programs, social media outreach, custom websites and tailor-made mobile apps for a wider reach.The company designs and develops a campaign post extensive studies and surveys of the market right down to the booth level. To gain a better understanding, the team approaches every booth to identify the issues and challenges faced and also manage the crucial information of a particular constituency in Bihar like influencers, poll workers and voters’ data. Through a dedicated app for the candidate or aspirant, the team also ensures that it supports to get maximum voter’s turn out with the real-time monitoring at polling booth level. We have developed expertise by managing successful campaigns in Loksabha elections 2019 and Delhi, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Haryana, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections. Our team is capable to help you in upcoming Assembly elections in Bihar.


Innovative mediums to promote the candidate and party at booth level with unique services like, booth level programs, door to door convincing, voter canvassing, LED video vans, Promo vans, customized events, Nukkar Natak (Street Plays), audio and video jingles, propoganda team and third party campaigns.


If elections are the festival of democracy in India, then at Janadhar India we manage that for you hasslefree. With strong field presence and vast experience in creating strategic election campaigns, we understand how qualitative feedback on the ground corresponds to metrics and KPI’s for you and how the same can be used for the purpose of developing an effective campaign management strategy.


Our in-house digital marketing capabilities ensure creation of campaigns that resonate because they are tangible and impact-driven. We at Janadhar India has team of innovators, influencers, online content developers, analytics and, we ensure delivery of the same to the right audience, which is then measured through analytics. Our digital services include: Social Media Management and Marketing, Election War Room Solution, Online Marketing, Online Media Planning, Social Media Influencer Programs, Facebook and WhatsApp marketing and a lot more.


Janadhar India is popular political consultant in Bihar India. Our election management services and election campaign and branding services, plans and help managing political campaigns based on extensive voter level research and analysis. Our election management solution manages elections and campaigns by defining target, analyzing competition, political campaign, digital media, and technology based election management system, which help getting maximum voters in your favour.


Janadhar India is founded by Manish Jha, a popular Political Consultant in India. Along with a team of more than 300 election experts, our core team members are well known and experienced in their respective fields. We have Sr. journalists, social media brigade, war room and it cell, election management experts, election and political strategist, IT experts, voter research and survey professionals, event managers, media planners, strategists, rural marketing expert, creative directors, booth level manager and others to make your election campaigns successful.


Janadhar India specializes in election campaign, election material, campaign management, election material, LED video vans, cinema advertising, outdoor branding, poll worker management, election management software, innovative digital solutions, , public rallies, war room management, voter outreach programs, social media, political candidate websites, mobile marketing solutions and all. We offer various products and services to ensure you get maximum return on your investment


Political campaigns, Nukkar Natak (Street plays), LED video vans, Local Artist shows, voter canvassing, door to door campaign, booth level campaign, political events, political propoganda, and more.


Online PR, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Political website, Political mobile app, Youtube, Online Influencer, Bloggers, Twitter campaign, facebook marketing, whatsapp marketing, sms marketing, ivrs solution and more.


Election management software, contituency management app, voter list management, booth wise reports, committee creation, campaign creation, area wise report and more


Janadhar India 24X7 helpline, whatsapp marketing, bulk sms, bulk voice call, call center for election, IVR, cinema advertising, mobile advertising, bulk email and more.


Political events, event Webcasting, LED video van, voter canvassing, outdoor branding, election van, cadres, 3D hologram, digital signage, and more.


Janadhar India offers end-to-end election and political campaign management services for Parliament and Assembly constituencies. We have successfully delivered campaigns for Political parties and Independent candidates in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Utt. In recent development all political parties are looking for professional companies/team to manage their election campaign strategy. While few parties are recruiting only election campaign strategist, we are



Janadhar India designs election campaigns right and deliver it as per expectation based on research and analysis by election strategiest to win election. ba



Janadhar India has team of top political consultant in India. We help you in designing and executing your political and election campaign.


We are just a call away, please call us today and get a customized plan for Bihar Assembly Elections in 2020 .